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Dear Gary

I recently got an anonymous comment on my wedding photography blog, which I thought was a very introspective and insightful commentary on contemporary wedding photography.

I hope you enjoy it as I did:

"Is there like a template to this stuff? I've seen every shot before and no matter who is getting married they look the same as anybody else. Seriously, can I buy this off the shelf? Like rice-a-roni or hamburger helper. Also, can you teach me how to overexpose faces and skintones? That seems to be the top art in becoming a famous wedding photographer like you." ~

Since I have no way of responding (the email address was invalid), I thought this would be a perfect place to do it:

Hi Gary,

Wow buddy, you sound a bit tense! I'm guessing that you're either a burned-out wedding photographer from the early 90's, or a disgruntled employee from Costco's One-Hour Photolab.

Either way, do you want a job as a Photographer's Math blog author? You'll need to work on your delivery a little bit, but I think you have what it takes.

Think about it. In the meantime, good luck finding a new job and.... some counseling.

Yours truly,

Another Rice-a-Roni eating, over-exposing wedding photographer,

Austin Curtis

PS: My apologies for not approving your blog comment. It's just that, if I approved this one, I'd have to approve every other one like it - and then everyone would know that I'm just a talentless hack.