Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Gary

I recently got an anonymous comment on my wedding photography blog, which I thought was a very introspective and insightful commentary on contemporary wedding photography.

I hope you enjoy it as I did:

"Is there like a template to this stuff? I've seen every shot before and no matter who is getting married they look the same as anybody else. Seriously, can I buy this off the shelf? Like rice-a-roni or hamburger helper. Also, can you teach me how to overexpose faces and skintones? That seems to be the top art in becoming a famous wedding photographer like you." ~

Since I have no way of responding (the email address was invalid), I thought this would be a perfect place to do it:

Hi Gary,

Wow buddy, you sound a bit tense! I'm guessing that you're either a burned-out wedding photographer from the early 90's, or a disgruntled employee from Costco's One-Hour Photolab.

Either way, do you want a job as a Photographer's Math blog author? You'll need to work on your delivery a little bit, but I think you have what it takes.

Think about it. In the meantime, good luck finding a new job and.... some counseling.

Yours truly,

Another Rice-a-Roni eating, over-exposing wedding photographer,

Austin Curtis

PS: My apologies for not approving your blog comment. It's just that, if I approved this one, I'd have to approve every other one like it - and then everyone would know that I'm just a talentless hack.


  1. Got to love the annonymous slamming. I wonder if it is penned by the same author of the 'Flickr is only for "Real Photographer"' email?

  2. <--joke site from england. NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. similar vein.

  3. So is this guy saying overexposing is not a style and is wrong? Do I have to stop shooting at +2 EV or he'll e-mail me too?

    I'm so confused...

    Austin, I imagine you must be out of a job because brides hate your style and don't book you, right?

  4. Honestly, how juvenile can that person be?! He is a grumpy and needs to read Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders. Bitter people never survive....

  5. What an interesting world we live in.
    People are crazy!

  6. This blog is hilarious. So glad I found it today! Obviously you take this criticism with the appropriate good humor, still - I checked out your blog and website, and turns out that commenter is as crazy as he sounds. Your wedding work seems perfectly exposed, and fresh, original and fun. I love it!

  7. uh... what the heck was this Gary dude talking about? I'm not really seeing cookie-cutter shots in your portfolio...

    Yes some wedding photographers have a tendency of being repetitive or copying one another's work, but IT'S A WEDDING! there's a certain amount consistency and repetitive material that's going to prop up

    With that said, I try like everyone else to be as fresh and new as possible given the environment we work in

    I think this Gary is just another "wedding photography hater" because he never really could make it into that field